Moon Fleur Mother's Day 2024 Collection

Moon Fleur Mother's Day 2024 Collection

Mother’s Day is a cherished occasion in Singapore dedicated to celebrate and honour the unconditional love and sacrifices of mothers. Typically celebrated on the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day in Singapore is marked by various heartfelt gestures and activities. Families often gather to spend quality time together, expressing their love and appreciation for mothers through various gifting and appreciation methods. 

This year, Moon Fleur is excited to introduce our Mother’s Day 2024 collection. We wanted to share the bliss of having mother’s in our lives as a blessing by expressing our love and gratitude. Our collection this year, featuring different shades and themes along with a spectrum of feelings. From soft and elegant pink, to bold and strong red, to the luxurious and whimsical purples, together they celebrate a diverse range of expressions for Mother’s Day! 

Moon Fleur Mother’s Day 2024 Collection 

Limited Edition: Kin Jewellery x Moon Fleur Preserved Flower Box

Treat your mothers to an ultimate gift of elegance and beauty with our Preserved Flower Box in signature Blushing Bliss arrangement with stunning 916 gold jewellery by Kin Jewellery that adds a touch of luxury and sophistication! 🌟

The flower box will come with a preserved flower arrangement in a box with a pair of simple earring studs made of 916/22k gold with push back type backing. These gold earrings are typically priced according to weight, but through this collaboration, we are offering the bundles at a fixed bundle price that is truly for value! 🌺

The 22k gold earrings comes with 3 selections available -- heart beaded earring, heart earring, and clover flower earrings, in a classic and timeless design suitable for all moms! Check out our product listing here for more info! 

Signature Blushing Bliss in Pinks 

A delicate beauty in this arrangement, featuring soft and elegant shades of pink that symbolises affection, grace and happiness. This is perfect for celebrating the nurturing and loving nature of mothers, flowers in this mother’s day arrangement are carefully curated to convey warmth and appreciation. Whether you are honouring your own or a mother figure in your life, Blushing Bliss arrangement will be an ideal choice for expressing your heartfelt sentiments on Mother’s Day! 

Collections in this series 

Rosy Bliss in Reds

Designed to symbolise love, strength and admiration, the bold and passionate tones for this collection is perfect for appreciating classic beauty and expressing strong emotions you have for your mothers. Conveying the depth of your feelings, this bold arrangement celebrates the remarkable mothers in your life! Our Rosy Bliss arrangement is sure to convey your heartfelt sentiments with our floral arrangements that captures love and admiration! 

Collection in this series: 

Berry Bliss in Purple 

A delightful array of flowers in enchanting shades of purple that exudes elegance and charm! Its deep luxurious hues to soft whimsical tones symbolises admiration, gratitude and love, making Berry Bliss a perfect arrangement to honour the special mothers in your life! It also embodies the essence of joy and delight with the different shades of purple, as a tribute to the beauty and elegance of motherhood! 

Collection in this series: 

Customisation of your Floral Gifts for Mother’s Day 

For selected arrangements, you will be able to add on specific items such as fairy lights, toppers and essential oil together with your preserved flowers at an additional cost. We also have a specially curated Mother's Day gift card available if you'd like to write some heartfelt messages on this special day! 

Additional Tips for Mother’s Day Celebration 

Other than gifting your moms this mother’s day, you can also consider some of these Mother’s Day activities to complement your gift giving, allowing your moms to feel special on this day! 

Furthermore, you may also want to explore Moon Fleur’s flower subscription services so that you will not forget any important dates in the future! Visit our linked article to find out more! 

Celebrate Mother’s Day with the timeless elegance of floral arrangement with us! For a limited time only, Moon Fleur will be providing a 10% Early Bird Discount for purchases made from our launch date till 1 May 2024! Each arrangement is a testament to the thoughtfulness and beauty of flowers as a gift, symbolising love, gratitude and admiration. Our curated blooms are carefully selected to convey your heartfelt sentiments for special moments like these! 

Feel free to get in touch with us for further discussions over our email at, or drop us a WhatsApp at +65 8613 2193. Also, head over to our Instagram page to view our portfolio! 

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