Flower Subscription Service for Your Loved Ones in Singapore

Flower Subscription Service for Your Loved Ones in Singapore


The convenience of a subscription service is that it allows us to gain access to certain conveniences at a price, and in turn we will be granted the access to a product or service at a cost. Familiar services we know are such as Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, AmazonPrime, YouTube Premium and more. Liken to these apps, subscription services don't only apply to digital products, they can also work with products or services that are time sensitive and periodic. An example of this would be flower subscription services in Singapore. 

In this article, we will explore more about flower subscription services in Singapore, how it works and what is to be expected if you subscribe to the flower gifting service! 

Why Subscription Service for Flowers? 

  1. Convenience: It will help you with regular deliveries without the need to reorder each time 
  2. Timeliness: Flowers are made to order and changes every time, this will guarantee a fresh theme or design each time.  
  3. Variety: Gain access to a wide range of colour themes and flower arrangements! 

We understand that many of us lead a busy life in Singapore, and we might miss out on some celebrations or important dates and it’s only normal sometimes. Hence, flower subscription services can help to bridge this gap – give us your date and budget and we settle the rest for you!  

Benefits of Sending Flowers to Loved Ones 

  1. Expressing love and care: Flowers are always viewed as a thoughtful gesture regardless of occasions. Depending on the flowers used, it could also convey a different type of meaning towards your gift.  
  2. Brighten someone’s day: The emotional impact of receiving flowers is one that shouldn’t be ignored whilst some may view it as a waste of money? It’s always nice to receive flowers, isn’t it? 
  3. Creating memorable experiences: The practice of giving flowers has always been a societal way to express love, compassion and thoughtfulness. Flower gifting can definitely enhance your special moments with one another. 

How Our Flower Subscription Works

At Moon Fleur, we offer Flower Subscription Services in Singapore. Flower subscription service usually lasts for a year, and is renewable yearly. In each subscription, you get to choose your theme and arrangements for at least 3 main celebrations (eg. valentine’s day, birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, etc). You may also select the date of your subscription and flowers and have the flowers sent on a specific date! The subscription will be provided at a package price to award you for the loyalty in subscribing with us! 

Types of Flowers & Arrangements Available at Moon Fleur 

Moon Fleur specialises in preserved and dried flowers that come in a range of arrangements. Popular preserved flower types are roses, lilies, carnations, and sola flowers, while these are usually found in arrangements like flower bouquets, flower vases, flower glass domes, flower baskets and flower bloom boxes. We also do have flower toppers to be inserted into your flower arrangement to mark the occasion.  

Benefits of Flower Subscription 

  1. Cost effective: Save more with our flower subscription services instead of purchasing during peak period
  2. Flexibility: Modifications to your subscription could be done on your subscription if you have selected the wrong item or date 
  3. Regular surprises: Each delivery will become a surprise! 

As we have not launched this service to our customers yet, do look forward to us launching flower subscription services in Singapore soon! Keep a lookout on our space and we will be sure to share with you when we launch it very soon! 

We also provide flower subscription services for corporate organisations on flower gifting services which you may read in this article! Should you require any of these services, do get in touch with us for further discussions over our email at hello@moonfleur.sg, or drop us a WhatsApp at +65 8613 2193. Also, head over to our Instagram page @moonfleur.sg to view our portfolio! 

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