About Us

Hello and a warm welcome to Moon Fleur! :)

We are a family team based in Singapore to bring you Preserved & Dried Flowers Arrangements handmade with love to help you send love to your dear ones.
Moon Fleur Logo
Just like the meaning behind our logo which consists of a Crescent Moon and Forget-Me-Not flowers that represents:
- True love
- Testament to your relationships & promises to the other person that you will never forget them in your thoughts 
-Long lasting connection that goes beyond just lovers, but also friends & families
We hope our flowers will not only help to convey your well wishes, love and thoughts to your dear ones, but also create everlasting memories. ❤️
Moon Fleur Preserved Flower Photo Frame
A bit more on our creations and how we are different from other florists,
We specialise in small Preserved Flowers & Dried pieces that's perfect for:
 Brightening up you & your loved ones' space and adding a different mood to your work from home station during this COVID-19 period Beautiful floral pieces that would not take up too much of your desk space

 Every piece is made with love and care, and only made when order is placed. Hence, no two pieces will look exactly the same for it's unique-ness.

We are also constantly sourcing for unique pieces that are practical and incorporating our florals to it for better usage & practically. On top of that, we do our best as well to make sure that the materials we use are as eco-friendly as possible to step up on our efforts in sustainability (such as using biodegradable wrapping papers for our bouquets and cutting down on paper usage too).
Additionally, 5% of all our proceeds will be going to charity as our way of giving back to the society and extend the joy that we share here at Moon Fleur with those that are in need. All donations would be made known publicly for full transparency when it has been made. Let us know if you have any charity associations that you would like us to donate to via e-mail at hello@moonfleur.sg!
If you have any ideas / suggestions for improvements or would just like to connect with us, feel free to email us at hello@moonfleur.sg or reach us via our WhatsApp at +65 8892 5221! :)