About Us

Hello and a warm welcome to Moon Fleur! :)

We are a family-oriented team based in Singapore, creating preserved and dried flower arrangements for people you care about. Surrounded by affection and passion in the studio, the team embodies love and devotion into the pieces we deliver! 


Moon Fleur Logo

Moon Fleur was born because we believe in true love. Engraved into our logo is Forget-Me-Not flowers that is a testament to someone that you’ll never forget them in your thoughts, and to establish a long lasting connection between your lover, friends and family.

With every piece handmade with love, our mission is to support you to bring care and love through flowers to your loved ones and create everlasting memories with preserved flowers. 

What Moon Fleur does that stands out?

We focus on using preserved flowers and dried pieces because they have a much longer lifespan as compared to fresh flowers — typically from its best viewing period of 3 months to 1 year or sometimes more when well maintained!

 Brightening up you & your loved ones' space and adding a different mood to your work from home station during this COVID-19 period Beautiful floral pieces that would not take up too much of your desk space 

The pieces you order will be one of its kind because we believe that everyone is unique and irreplaceable, and deserve to receive flowers exclusively made just for them.

We do our best to encompass sustainability into our craft through using biodegradable packagings and minimise paper waste as much as we can. All our bouquets are wrapped with maximum of 4 pcs of 60cm by 60cm sized papers. We will, to the best of our ability, constantly seek to step up on our sustainability efforts.  

Additionally, these sustainability efforts encompass giving back to society. 5% of our proceeds are donated to charity associations to extend the joy that we share at Moon Fleur with those in need. Donations made will be publicised for full transparency on our Instagram page @moonfleur.sg. If there is an association that you’d like us to help, let us know via email at hello@moonfleur.sg. 

Connect with us! Tell us how we can improve or stay in touch just because. :) We look forward to chatting with you!

Email our team: hello@moonfleur.sg

WhatsApp our team: +65 8613 2193