Preserved Flower Dome Arrangement Workshop in Singapore

Preserved Flower Dome Arrangement Workshop in Singapore

Are you looking for a couple activity or want to unleash your creativity? Look no further and join us for our preserved flower dome arrangement workshop! At Moon Fleur, our preserved flower arrangement workshop in Singapore is meant for you to have fun, while creating your lasting art pieces that are pleasant to the eye, filled with memories! 

Our very first Preserved Flower Glass Dome Workshop (13 November 2023) is now open for registration!

Preserved flowers have seen its popularity grow in Singapore over the years for its long shelf life, as well as being a more eco-friendly option when it comes to gifting flowers. Also, through the preservation process, it allows for a wide variety of colours with the different variety of flowers, giving you many options to choose from when it comes to preserved floral arrangements used in our workshop.

Who should join the preserved flower workshop in Singapore? 

  • A preserved flower lover and learning a new skill: Calling out to all the fans of preserved flowers! In our workshop, you will be exposed to the many different types of preserved flowers to choose from and you’ll get to bring home one of your very own curated preserved flower glass dome! This is also a good opportunity for you to learn a new skill on flower arrangements in Singapore! 
  • Couple activities in Singapore: A hands-on, fun-filled and engaging activity awaits you! Couple activities are best for getting to know each other, providing you with shared experiences and memories! With our preserved flower workshop, you can create your own preserved flower masterpieces as a gift for one another! How sweet~ 
  • Unique and customised gift for loved ones: Instead of getting something off the shelves, explore your own creativity by creating a unique and one-of-a-kind preserved flower dome gift during our workshop! You’ll get to walk away with your very own curated piece of artwork! Psst, our preserved flower domes are very popular gifts! 
  • Team bonding activities in Singapore: Are you looking for a corporate team bonding activity with your colleagues? Our preserved flower deme workshop will definitely be one of the choices to consider! It’s a good activity to engage and share ideas while getting to know one another. At the end of the day, participants will walk away with a motif that can be placed either at their work desk or at home! If you need our team to go to you/your venue for the workshop, you may drop us an email for further discussions! 

Here are some reviews on our preserved flower dome workshop: 

  Had the privilege to attend the preserved flower dome arrangement with lead florist Luna and we had a blast. Truly amazed with the quality of the preserved flowers, the colours are so vibrant it looks like fresh flowers. The pace and duration of the workshop was just nice & instructions were clear and easy to follow along. Definitely suitable for anyone. Husband and I enjoyed ourselves very much and was so delighted to bring home our unique piece of artwork.” – Nicole cyt, Google Reviews

The duration of our preserved flower dome workshop will be approximately 2 hours. During our workshop, you may look forward to expert guidance from our lead florist that will give you assistance and pointers on how to craft your very own flower dome arrangement. We have a wide range of preserved flowers to choose from, and all other materials will be provided. So, you just have to bring yourself and come with a creative mind!

Our preserved flower arrangement workshop in Singapore offers a unique opportunity to craft timeless beauty while immersing yourself in crafting something uniquely yours! Whether you are yearning to learn a new skill, create a special customised gift, or simply indulge in a unique couple activity in Singapore, this workshop is tailored for you! From the longevity and eco-friendliness of preserved flowers to expert guidance, the workshop will be an unforgettable experience.

Also, if you are planning for your company’s team bonding activity in Singapore, do send an email to us to share with you more about our corporate rates and arrangements for corporate team bonding workshops. 

We look forward to having you join us for a day of creativity and lasting floral beauty that you'll cherish for years to come! 

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