Mother’s Day Gift Ideas in Singapore: Preserved & Dried Flowers Edition

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas in Singapore: Preserved & Dried Flowers Edition

Mother’s day is a special occasion and festivity celebrated all around the world to honour the unconditional love and sacrifice of mothers. We usually take this time to express our gratitude and appreciation in all that they do. While traditional gifts are always cherished, this year, why not consider something a bit more unique and long-lasting? 

Preserved and dried flowers offer a fresh twist to your class mother’s day gift. Albeit the traditional mother’s day flower bouquet that some might have already gifted them before, there are many types of arrangements that preserved flowers could be presented as a gift for mother’s day this year! Preserved flowers undergo a special preservation process that holds their natural beauty and retain their vibrant colours and textures, which allows them to last a long time and make your gifting choice a memorable one! 

In Singapore where Mother’s Day is widely celebrated, preserved and dried flowers have become a popular choice for those who are looking for an elegant and meaningful gift. This Mother’s Day, consider honouring your super mom with our preserved and dried flower selection. 

Top Mother’s Day Gift Ideas with Preserved and Dried Flowers 

Preserved Flower Glass Dome Gift

These intricate floral glass domes are made with utmost care, from selecting, arranging to putting them together. Floral glass domes are a good Mother’s Day gift as it’s a fuss-free gift that requires minimal care as the preserved flower arrangement is enclosed within the glass dome, which doesn’t require dusting. This makes it a great decor item, although it is a glass item and needs to be handled with care at times.

Preserved Flower Bouquet Gift 

Flower bouquet has always been a gesture of love and an appreciation that is cherished for the longest time. Preserved flowers are made to last and offer longevity and sustainability. We have also talked about how you can care for your preserved flowers and ideas on how you can leverage sustainability to up-cycle your preserved flower bouquets! Rather than a one time off gift, if you know that your mum might be interested in DIY projects, you can definitely consider preserved flower bouquets as a sweet Mother’s Day gift! 

Preserved Flower Photo Frame Gift 

A unique way to have a keepsake to preserve memories is with a preserved floral photo frame. These photo frames are accented with preserved flower arrangements while being able to fit a photo in the frame as a stunning display piece at your home or workplace. These preserved flower frames are also designed in a way that's suitable for both landscape and portrait photos, which you may switch your photos as you’d like. 

Gift an Experience With Flower Arrangement Workshops 

Instead of giving a physical gift, you can consider giving an opportunity of experience to make this whole festive season more memorable! If you are sick and tired of the usual Mother’s Day gift, you can consider preserved flower arrangement workshop experiences that are memorable and your beloved could also go home with her own unique gift made by herself, in her own style and liking! 

Personalising Your Own Gift with Preserved & Dried Flowers 

Instead of simply buying a ready-made gift, why not explore the option of creating your own preserved flower gift through our workshops? By crafting something with your own hands, you can offer a personalised gift that is not only meaningful but also heartfelt. You have the freedom to choose the type of arrangement you want, whether it's a preserved floral dome, vase, or floral wreath, as well as the colour scheme that best suits your mother's preferences!

This year, Moon Fleur will be having our Mother’s Day collection coming very soon! We will be having an early bird discount that will start from 15 April onwards, do secure your flowers with us soon to reserve your delivery slots too! More information will be shared soon on this space! 

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