Preserved Flowers Care Guide: How to Take Care of Your Preserved Flowers with Sustainability

Preserved Flowers Care Guide: How to Take Care of Your Preserved Flowers with Sustainability

Preserved flowers are known for their longevity that brings timeless beauty to any space. With the right care, these flowers can last for an extended period of time. In this guide, we will explore how to care for your preserved flowers, and also how we can up-cycle them, making your preserved flower purchases sustainable.

Preserved flowers go through a preservation process which allows the flower to retain its looks and colour, which helps these blooms to maintain its beauty. The best viewing period for your preserved flower arrangements would be during the first 3 to 6 months, after which, your preserved flowers would progressively age in time, but still maintain their beauty as dried flowers. 

How to take care of your preserved flowers: 

Choose an Ideal Display Location 

Preserved flowers exhibit a slight sensitivity to sunlight, humidity, and elevated temperatures. It is advisable to refrain from placing the flowers in direct sunlight and to avoid moisture contact. Moisture and / or humidity may disrupt the preservation process, potentially resulting in a loss of petal shape or mold development. Additionally, exposing preserved flowers to these elements can lead to colour fading and alterations in both texture and shape.

Dust and Clean your Blooms 

Dust, although subtle, can have a noticeable impact on the vibrancy of preserved flowers. It accumulates on the delicate petals and foliage, dulling their appearance over time. It is important to clean and dust your blooms to retain its beauty. You may use a soft bristle brush or gentle feather duster to brush the dust away, and avoid putting too much pressure while dusting. 

Moisture Management 

To ensure the longevity of your preserved flowers, it's crucial to shield them from excessive humidity, especially when Singapore is such a humid place. Place your arrangement in a dry and well-ventilated area, away from sources of moisture such as bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, consider using silica gel packs or dehumidifiers in the storage space to maintain an optimal environment.

Handle with Care 

We recommend handling preserved flowers with a light touch, avoiding unnecessary pressure on the petals and foliage. When arranging or moving them, support the base of the stems and refrain from gripping or squeezing the delicate blooms. When we prepare to send out our client’s orders, we make sure to use secure and sturdy packaging to minimise movement during transportation. 

Tips to Up-cycle your Preserved Flowers: Sustainable DIY Decor Ideas 

  1. Botanical Framed Art 

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Arrange your preserved flowers on a piece of canvas and frame it up as a botanical display

  1. Pressed Flower Bookmarks 

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Press preserved flowers between laminating sheets to create your very own elegant bookmarks. You can trim the side and add on your own embellishments like ribbons or keychains. 

  1. Floral Potpourri Sachets 

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Mix preserved petals with fragrant herbs and spices in a small sachet to make your own fragrant sachet blends! 

  1. Resin-Coated Coasters 

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Embed your preserved flowers in clear resin and craft unique coasters or resin art! 

  1. Floral Jewellery 

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Incorporate small preserved flowers into resin moulds for jewellery. 

  1. Decorative Candle 

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Mix preserved flowers and fragrant herbs and spices while candle moulding for a decorative design and scent! 

  1. Floral Infused Bath Salts 

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Mix dried petals from preserved flowers into homemade bath salts and pack it into a decorative jar for a spa-worthy gift. 

  1. Flower Table Centrepieces 

Preserved flower glass domes can be a way to store your preserved flowers in an enclosed environment and use them as table centrepieces for special occasions. Check out our preserved flower glass domes collection here!

  1. DIY Flower-pressed Stationery 

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Create handmade cards with preserved flowers for a meaningful and personalised touch to your gift! 

  1. Floating Frames 

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Encase preserved flowers in transparent floating frames and mount it on the wall for a captivating display. 

With the insights of this care guide and an extensive list of DIY ideas for your preserved flowers, it not just a sustainable way to allow your preserved flowers to have even longer shelf life, but also an eco-friendly option when it comes to having flowers.

At Moon Fleur, we strongly believe in sustainability and being eco-friendly especially when it comes to the floral business. We look forward to journeying with you in this sustainability journey! We have also dedicated 5% of our proceeds to charity as part of our sustainability commitment. Get in touch with us if you share the same vision and would like to make a difference! 

Get in touch with us via email at , WhatsApp us at +65 8613 2193, or check our collection over at Instagram for more inspiration! 

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