Gifts That Keep Giving: Preserved Flower Subscription Services in Singapore

Gifts That Keep Giving: Preserved Flower Subscription Services in Singapore

In the corporate world in Singapore, where relationships and gestures play a vital role in maintaining relationships, a trend is emerging in the realm of corporate gifting – preserved flower gifting subscription services. 

Beyond the conventional corporate gifts, you might want to consider having preserved flowers as a gifting option to leave a lasting impression to your clients, employees, partners or customers with beautiful preserved blooms, custom-made, arranged and delivered to the recipient.  

Preserved flowers in Corporate Gifting 

Preserved flowers are made to last, which makes it a perfect gift for your recipient to enjoy the flowers for an extended duration and yet serving as a lasting reminder of your thoughtful gesture. Being sustainable in nature, preserved flower gifts might align with your corporate values related to environmental consciousness and social responsibility, providing a greener approach to corporate gifting. Also, given its wide selection of colours and flowers, customising your preserved flowers in your gifting could resonate with your company’s branding, making it a unique and memorable corporate gift. The thoughtful selection of preserved flowers communicates a sense of care and consideration, contributing to a positive perception of the company and hence strengthening professional relationships. 

Preserved Flower Subscription Services 

As a business, it is important to have trustable service providers when it comes to gifting services. Having these subscription plans not only help you or your company automate your corporate gifting process, but also eases the weight off your shoulders in planning and execution. Below are some ideas on how you can make use of preserved flower subscription services: 

Monthly Staff Appreciation using Preserved Flowers 

To foster a positive and vibrant workplace, making use of a preserved flowers subscription service to celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays or simply a cheer up gift, is a thoughtful and endearing gesture. A monthly delivery schedule could be worked out to ensure a consistent expression of appreciation, boosting employee morale and creating an appealing working environment. Gifts could be in the form of a preserved flower bouquet, floral photo frame, or even floral domes, and delivery can be handled by the team at Moon Fleur. 

Yearly Preserved Flower Bulk Orders

Preserved flower subscription services can help to elevate your employee recognition program with our yearly preserved bulk orders. It is a unique and thoughtful way to express appreciation and celebrate milestones. This subscription service is designed to provide cost-effective solutions for companies looking to engage in regular employee recognition through corporate gifting. Make every work anniversary, achievement or special occasion more memorable with our preserved flower subscriptions. 

Over the past few years, Moon Fleur Singapore had the opportunity to service Cycle & Carriage in their celebration for International Women's Day with a bulk order of approximately 1000 single stalk roses for all of their female staff as a form of appreciation for their work. We loved their cause and it was great to be part of their corporate appreciation efforts. 

Preserved Flowers for Annual Corporate Events

Transform your corporate events into memorable experiences with our preserved flowers for your yearly client appreciation event, annual gala or product launches. Making use of preserved flowers as a corporate door gift or venue decoration could uplift your branding and leave a sustainable keepsake for your attendees after your event. Arrangements could be meticulously curated and designed to suit the theme and ambience of various corporate occasions using preserved flowers. We hope to create a nice atmosphere and leave a lasting impression by using preserved flowers for annual corporate events in Singapore. 

Client Appreciation on Festive Seasons / Special Occasions 

Celebrate and elevate your gestures of gratitude during holidays, milestones or festive seasons with our thoughtful preserved flower arrangements for your clients who have been supporting you and your work, especially for those in the finance and real estate industry. Make use of our subscription service as a consistent way to express appreciation, and with the option to customise the date of delivery and theme of floral arrangements, especially on occasions like Christmas or in a more traditional setting such as Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival where gifting or exchanging gifts are more apparent. 

How does it work?

Depending on the occasion of gifting, work with the Moon Fleur team to automate your yearly, monthly, occasional gifting to people whom you care about. You may provide a list of customers you’d like to gift, and we will make the arrangements (pun intended) accordingly for you! Get in touch with our team via or WhatsApp us at +65 8613 2193 to discuss further! 

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