Wedding Decor Ideas Using Faux and Artificial Flowers in Singapore

Wedding Decor Ideas Using Faux and Artificial Flowers in Singapore

Wedding flower decor could help to elevate your wedding venue to another level of elegance and sophistication to your wedding event. In recent years in Singapore, there has been a rise in the use of faux and artificial flowers for wedding events for its cost effectiveness and also its sustainability cause. In this article, we will dive into some ideas you can leverage on your wedding event using faux and artificial flowers! 

Benefits of Using Faux and Artificial Flowers

Cost is one of the factors that many couples frustrate over when it comes to wedding planning. Faux and artificial flower decorations provide a lower-cost option and yet retain their beauty and colours during your wedding event. Its durability being an artificial flower also helps to withstand your flowers in different venues, whether indoor or outdoors. Faux and artificial flowers also have a wide variety of styles and colours for you to choose from and are suitable for people or your guests who might have pollen allergy. 

Faux and Artificial Flower Decor Themes & Trends in Singapore 

In Singapore, popular choices for faux and artificial flowers are roses, peonies and orchids. These types of flowers are usually arranged with other flowers and foliages to match the colour scheme and styles. Here are some popular colour scheme and themes couples do for: 

  • White
  • Champagne / Ivory
  • Sage / Soft Green 
  • Autumn blue 
  • Dusty Blue 
  • Sky / Light Blue 
  • Soft / Dusty Pink 
  • Mauve / Pink
  • Rustic Pink / Reds 
  • Romantic / Fall 
  • Whimsical / Pastels 
  • Whimsical / Garden 
  • Peach / Terracotta 
  • Tropical / Reds 
  • Bohemian / Earthy 
  • Lavender / Lilac 

Wedding Decor Ideas using Faux and Artificial Flowers 

Wedding Car Decor 

Decorate your wedding car with posies on the car door handle as well as the main centrepiece on your bonnet. Designs for your flowers can be customised according to your theme. 

Wedding Reception Table Decor 

Reception tables are usually the first thing your guest will find on your wedding day to register their attendance and find out where they are seated at. A nice reception table with flowers would welcome your guests on your wedding day! 

Wedding Photo Table Decor 

To showcase the love of the couple over the years, a photo table could be set to showcase the memories of the couple as well as wedding photos taken to show your guests. Decorate it together with flower decorations to match the theme of the wedding event! 

Wedding Floral Backdrop Arch 

Floral arches could be used in different kinds of settings, depending on the nature of your event. These flower arches are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage with faux and artificial flowers. 

Wedding Floral Hedges 

Floral hedges are popular for decorations on your wedding venue or on venue stage. Floral hedges adds a thematic experience for your guests on your wedding day and makes the venue even more cosy on your special day! 

Church Wedding Pews 

Popular amongst weddings held in churches, especially in a traditional church setting where the aisles are decorated with flowers on the path that leads to the altar, that reflects the warm and heartfelt vibe of the venue. 

Outdoor Wedding Decor 

If you are planning for an outdoor wedding, faux and artificial flowers are the way to go! Not only are they long lasting, they would be able to endure the weather conditions better though reasonable care for the flowers is still needed during the event. 

Wedding bouquet and boutonnieres 

Last but not least, you can also choose to have your wedding bouquet, boutonnieres and corsages in faux and artificial flowers. Client may choose to use faux or artificial flowers if the user eg. Entourages, bridesmaids or groomsmen, might be busy during the wedding day to take good care should it be fragile. 

At Moon Fleur, we offer a range of wedding decoration services in Singapore. Do share with us your vision and theme, and our dedicated florists would be able to advise you accordingly to make your big day memorable and impressionable. 

Where to Find Quality Faux and Artificial Flowers in Singapore 

Local florists like Moon Fleur with a proven track record and experience would be able to make sure your vision comes to life. Speak to our professional florists to explore wedding decor ideas and themes using faux and artificial flowers in Singapore. Also, you may also choose to DIY and purchase the flowers from wholesales but you will have to do the 

Drop us an email at, or whatsapp us at +65 8613 2193, and visit our Instagram for our portfolio!

Weddings are a once in a lifetime event, and you would want to make it memorable for yourself and your guests. The versatility of faux and artificial flowers in wedding decorations would help to set the mood, induce the vibe, and make your wedding day a special one! From the array of colours and themes to choose from, as well as the different types of arrangements to consider, there will definitely be something for your big day! 

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