Preserved Flower Bar Services in Singapore – Moon Fleur x Dyson for Mother’s Day

Preserved Flower Bar Services in Singapore – Moon Fleur x Dyson for Mother’s Day

Everyone was trying their best to unpack our materials within the Dyson store at VivoCity. With perspiration dripping down each and every one of our faces, we start to get things ready as we draw near to the starting hour of the event, making sure we packed and cleaned every single corner to make our flower bar set up as neat as possible. 

In May, our team had the opportunity to provide flower bar services in Singapore for Dyson’s Mother’s Day activation! Invitees were the customers of Dyson, either they are moms or participants were asked to bring along their moms for this event. During this event, which includes a free makeover, live portrait station, and also our event flower bar.

Our client, Dyson, shared with us their vision, and wanted something interactive and yet able to allow participants to bring a gift back, specially on Mother’s Day itself. We went through a few meetings with the client, deciding from the theme, flowers and colours for the bouquets that recipients are going to receive. 

We assisted the client in selecting colour themes and suitable flowers for the flower bar by providing a few options for the flower wrappers, ribbons and various flower types prior to the event. It was a fun process to discuss the selection and arrangements, exploring different colour combinations and flower arrangements with the client. 

Once we have decided and procured the dried and preserved flower selection, wrapping papers and materials necessary for the flower bar, all we are left with is to get ready for the actual event day! 

Nearing the event day, our team processed some of the flowers by cutting the stems and removing any unwanted flowers so that it would be a smooth process for participants and guests to select their desired flowers for the personalised flower bouquet prepared during the flower bar service. 

Our team was both nervous and excited on the day of the event. The team swiftly unpack our boxes with our materials and set up as efficiently as we could as we prepare for the event. 

When dealing with flowers in general, and especially preserved flowers, it could sometimes get pretty dusty, and we were quite thankful that we were in a Dyson store at least… 

Our setup consists of a selection table and a wrapping table. Guests will arrive at the selection table, where they can choose what flowers and foliages they want for their preserved flower mini bouquets. After selection, we have our on-site florist who will assemble and arrange the chosen flowers and foliages in real time. It will then be sent to the wrapping station to be packaged accordingly for the guests. 

As we saw the first guest who stepped into the doors of Dyson’s storefront at VivoCity, our team is ready to serve. We waited patiently while more guests started to arrive, and things got busy afterwards. 

We had a few guests who handpicked the flowers they want, and also moms who chose their favourite flowers. We even had kids came to out booth alone to select flowers for their mothers, how cute! 

We rendered a two hour on-site flower bar service for the client, and it was non-stop bunching of flowers and wrapping for the florist team! While half of our team were serving the guests, another half was trying to finish the bouquets on the spot. It was fun and challenging for the team! 

The event concluded with us providing a few more mini bouquets to be given to attendees throughout the day on Mother’s Day itself as we have left over materials from the event. 

The event definitely reaffirmed our belief in the power of flowers to bring joy and connection to any gathering. If you’d like to bring the same kind of experience, get in touch with us to book your flower bar services for your event! Drop us an email at or find us on Instagram! 

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