Moon Fleur's Christmas Collection 2024 -- "Moonlight Wonderland"

Moon Fleur's Christmas Collection 2024 -- "Moonlight Wonderland"

This Christmas, Moon Fleur looks forward to transporting you to a “Moonlight Wonderland” – our Christmas collection this festive season, as we immerse ourselves in the realm where our preserved flowers takes the centre stage, blooming with the magic of celebration, love and joy with our seasonal preserved flower arrangements!  

We have three main themes in our collection: 

Moonlight Series


Replicating the enchanting and serene atmosphere of a moonlit night, where celebration of homecoming happens, we would love to bring this serenity to wherever our arrangement is placed at. The main theme features silver and blue preserved flower arrangements that mimic the ethereal glow of the moonlight, just like our Silver Lullaby Bloom Box. With blooms and foliages combined to evoke a sense of a silent night, the Frosty Twinkle Ceramic Vase is like a quiet wind bathed in the gentle moonlight. 

Moondreams Series 

Taking a whimsical turn, this series takes on the more traditional colours but yet in a variety of blooms rich in reds, blues, greens and mauve. While the Glistening Dreams Christmas Wreath invites you in for a celebration, the Carolling Moments Bouquet is to bring joy and anticipation this holiday season! Both are lively and spirited representations of Christmas dreams coming to life through the language of flowers, promising a festive atmosphere filled with warmth and cheer. 

Moonjoy Series 


This series embraces the classic Christmas palette, featuring the vibrant traditional colours like red, green and brown, capturing the essence of festive merriment. This collection radiates joy and excitement and mirrors the lively spirit of the season. The Holly Moment Christmas Glass Dome encapsulates the passion and warmth and the Holly Moment Vase spreads the joyous and holiday spirit wherever you place them! Truly a visual representation of the festivities this Christmas! 

Moon Fleur x Be Awesome Today 

Lastly, for this year's Christmas collection, we are collaborating with on their Christmas Greeting Card collection with our Moonlight Wonderland tartlets

As we set our homes with the wonderment of our Christmas collection, we are not just embracing the beauty of preserved flowers, but also becoming part of a tradition that values craftsmanship, sustainability, and the timeless elegance of nature. “Moonlight Wonderland’ is an invitation to celebrate the holiday season with preserved flower blooms that brings the sentiment of peace, joy, and love for this magical season. 

This Christmas, let Moon Fleur’s “Moonlight Wonderland” collection be an accompaniment to your festive celebration with everlasting beauty that reminds us of the holidays to be cherished years to come! 

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