Crafting the Perfect Preserved Flowers Bridal Bouquet: What You Need to Know

Crafting the Perfect Preserved Flowers Bridal Bouquet: What You Need to Know

Bridal bouquets have alway been held in esteem especially in special moments relating to love and weddings. In contemporary weddings, these floral arrangements have not only remained in their importance but have also evolved to a wide range of offerings. One example would be the choice of preserved flowers to craft beautiful arrangements on your special day. 

In this article, we will discuss what you need to know to craft your perfect preserved flower bridal bouquet and the processes involved so that you can be well prepared in this journey! 

Moon Fleur Bridal Bouquet for Pre Wedding Shoot

Photography by Oheystudios

In recent years, preserved flowers have seen an increase in demand for its long-lasting elegance and its variety of colours and options. Many wedding couples choose preserved flowers not just because it’s beautiful, but are able to stand the test of time, to embrace the memories long after what it's used for. Also, the wide range of selection of colours, types and arrangements offers a wide-ranging palette to match your wedding theme and style. 

So, what should you consider when crafting your preserved flower arrangements for couples?

Start with a Vision: Think about your overall style and vibe for your wedding, and streamline on what is required, eg. bridal bouquet, boutonniere, corsages, table setups, flower hedges etc. This will be the guidebook in your bouquet’s design. (Tip: Do up a moodboard on Pinterest) 

Choose a Key Flower: This key flower will be the centrepiece of your bouquet arrangements. It could be a flower of significance and meaning, or otherwise just a flower you find pretty! We would say that this is an important step, as it sets your tone and arrangement will centre around the key flower. 

Texture and Greeny: Various kinds of foliage exude different vibes, whether rustic or luscious greens, they add depth and personality to your arrangement, improving the overall look. 

Personal Touches: Just like how you wrote your own story, your bridal preserved flower bouquet arrangement should be customised and special. You can include heirlooms, jewellery, ribbons or any finishing touches to make it unexampled! 

Consultation with a Florist: Make your vision come to life with the help of a professional florist! It is important to discuss your ideas, vision and choices so that professional florists, like at Moon Fleur, would be able to turn your vision into reality. 

Once we are done with the ideating and selection, it’s time to craft your perfect preserved flower bridal bouquet arrangement! 

Experienced florists play a pivotal role in bringing your vision to life. Crafting a bouquet often involves some experimentation and fine-tuning as each vision is unique and special on its own which results in a personalised curated floral arrangement. You will need a professional florist to share the same vision as you. At Moon Fleur, our experience allows us to provide suggestions, guidance and best practices when it comes to preserved flower arrangement for your special day! 

Photography by Oheystudios

In crafting your curated floral arrangement for your wedding day, it’s key to enter into a journey of thoughtfulness, to contemplate what's quintessential for your wedding, and to make selections and customise accordingly to what resonates with you. We also recommend sharing your schedule and book at least 2-3 months in advance with your florist to secure availability and ample time for changes. 

At Moon Fleur, we look forward to partnering with you to make your vision a beautiful reality! We are ready to fully customise your preserved flower bridal bouquet; not just any bouquet for your wedding but a lasting symbol of your love story.

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