Corporate Workshop Ideas with Preserved & Dried Flowers in Singapore

Corporate Workshop Ideas with Preserved & Dried Flowers in Singapore

Corporate team bonding is designed to improve relationships and foster a better relationship between your team members to improve communication and boost morale. Team bonding activities help to foster a collaborative workplace which in turn leads to productivity and job satisfaction. 

In Singapore, team bonding activities are often organised in the workplace and are highly encouraged. The range of activities are usually decided by the management or ideas from the employees. It can range from physical challenges to self-improvement workshops. Such activities not only create opportunities for the team members to bond but also encourage creativity and innovation within the team. One such way would be through a corporate workshop using preserved and dried flowers. Floral arrangement workshops are up and coming in Singapore and it offers a unique and engaging experience suitable for everyone. 

In this article, we will explore the different types of floral arrangement workshops that may cater to the purpose of your corporate workshop that not only enhance teamwork and communication, but also provide a relaxing and therapeutic outlet for the team. 

Corporate Workshop Ideas with Preserved & Dried Flowers 

Flower Vase Arrangement Workshop 

Preserved flower vases are usually used as centrepieces of homes, workplaces or wherever you are situated. Participants are likely to learn the art of creating pretty floral arrangements in vases. 

Flower Dome Arrangement Workshop 

Nice as a standalone gift and also requiring minimal care, preserved flower domes are the best flower gift that doesn’t require much care. With the workshop, participants would be able to learn techniques and things to take note of when doing a flower dome to create a long-lasting, decorative piece. 

Floral Wreath Arrangement Workshop 

Suitable for various occasions, such as weddings or festivities, and also home decor, making your own preserved flower wreath and you can add your own style and flavour into it. You may also explore different designs of wreaths for the workshop. 

Floral Gift Arrangement Workshop 

Participants will get to personalise their own floral gifts using preserved flowers, focusing on the art of gifting and choosing specific flowers and foliages to convey specific messages or emotions

Tips for Organising Successful corporate workshops 

Know Your Budget 

Select activities and workshops that suit your budget. Floral workshop like these typical ranges from $88 per pax onwards and depending on the size and requirements of the workshop, pricing may be affected accordingly. 

Know Duration of Workshop 

Ensuring a timeframe for the workshop activity will allow your vendor to plan their pre-workshop materials properly. For example, if the organisation only has an hour for the participants, the preserved flower florist vendor might need to prepare some materials beforehand to ensure that the preserved flower arrangement will be finished by participants in time. 

Pre-Plan/Preparation of Materials 

Let your vendor know if there are certain materials you can provide or you are lacking so that they can prepare accordingly. Things like scissors, gift bags, etc can be prepared by your vendor, or if you have a specific branded gift, the vendor can prepare the packing of materials accordingly. 

Participant Engagement 

For a corporate workshop using preserved and dried flowers, we recommend 10 or more participants in a workshop. Having more participants would help to improve team bonding and shared experiences, that would in turn enhance the morale and enthusiasm of the participants during the workshop. 

At Moon Fleur, we conduct corporate workshops using preserved and dried flowers. Preserved flowers are relatively long lasting with proper and minimal care, and it is a timeless product. These workshops are meant to provide a fun and educational experience for the participants while promoting teamwork and creativity. 

If you are looking to plan for your next corporate event or workshop, do get in touch with us for further discussions over our email at, or drop us a WhatsApp at +65 8613 2193. Also, head over to our Instagram page to view our portfolio!

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