Corporate Gift Ideas and Strategies Using Preserved Flowers

Corporate Gift Ideas and Strategies Using Preserved Flowers

More than just a gift or exchange of items, a corporate gifting in Singapore is a powerful tool for building and maintaining relationships in the corporate world. From personalised touches to creative branding strategies, an impressionable corporate gift can strengthen connections with clients, partners and colleagues.

In this article, you will discover how the timeless beauty of preserved flowers can elevate your corporate gifting strategy and make a lasting impact to your stakeholders. 

Preserved flowers are known to have a long shelf life, and have gained immense popularity as an eco-friendly and sustainable option when it comes to gifts. Furthermore, with the preservation process, it allows flowers to maintain their natural appearance and colours for a long period of time making them a constant reminder of your gesture. With these options, there are endless possibilities when it comes to corporate gifting. 

In corporate gifting, preserved flowers can be used in many ways: 

Client/Partner/Employee appreciation: Express your gratitude and convey appreciation to your clients with thoughtful gifts during special occasions like birthdays, congratulatory bouquets or hampers for your colleagues after child-birth, or simply congratulate them for any work related achievements! 

Corporate events: Incorporate preserved flower decorations or door gifts during your corporate events for a stronger branding and enhancing overall experience. With the wide selection of types and colours for preserved flowers, you will be able find something suitable for your brand. 

Bulk gifting: If you have an ongoing campaign and looking to add a more personal touch, pairing your gift with preserved flowers might be able to help convey your message more effectively. 

Packing and Presentation: The use of preserved flowers on your gift packaging brings forth an elegance and makes the gifting experience memorable.

There are also various types of preserved flower gifts suitable for corporate gifting: 

Preserved flower arrangements – Most suitable for client/partner/employee appreciation, where receivers could display the arrangements ranging from a preserved flower bouquet, flower dome, or bloom box. 

Customised preserved flower arrangements – Most suited for corporate events where arrangements are unique to each brand, or unique to each event. It could also be the case where you can match the recipient's preference to ensure a thoughtful gift.

Gift Sets – Consider incorporating preserved flowers with other corporate gifts, such as custom notebooks, branded merchandise, or premium chocolates and present it as a gift set and make it lovely and presentable. 

At Moon Fleur, we had the opportunity to partner with some brands for their corporate gifting and campaigns. 

Ith campaign 

We recently worked with @ith_marriage_singapore for one of their campaigns about having bridal jewellery and flowers complement each other to make a couple's special day even more unique. Customers will receive a special gift of our single stalk bouquet if they have reserved a visit to their atelier in Singapore. 

Cycle & Carriage International Women’s Day 1100 single stalk roses

Moon Fleur x Cycle and Carriage International Women's Day

To celebrate the resilience, strength and beauty of women, we got to work with Cycle & Carriage for 1100 single stalk roses for International Women's Day corporate gifting.  

Gifting in the corporate world is a form of expression that requires thoughtfulness and creativity. It’s not just about giving something, but leaving a lasting impression and building meaningful relationships. One way to achieve this is to incorporate preserved flowers into your corporate gifting strategy.

Whether it’s client appreciation, employee recognition or making a statement at corporate events, preserved flowers offer a memorable, sustainable and eco-friendly option. If you are looking to elevate your corporate gifting strategy and leave a lasting impact, consider having preserved flowers in your grand plan! 

At Moon Fleur, we offer a range of preserved flower gifting options that can be fully customised to alight with your corporate values and branding as well as budget. If you have any upcoming corporate gifting opportunities, let's connect! You may drop us an email at or find us on Instagram

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