6 Christmas Gifting Ideas Using Preserved Flowers

6 Christmas Gifting Ideas Using Preserved Flowers

As the holidays approaches, gift giving is quite significant especially when it comes to your loved ones! This Christmas, consider incorporating preserved flowers to your gifts, that not only improve the appearance of your gift, but also a more sustainable and eco-friendly option.

In this article, we will explore how preserved flowers can add a special touch to your Christmas gifting and holiday presents, making it an elegant and memorable gift to the recipient. 

Unlike fresh flowers that will wither and fade, preserved flowers maintain their natural charm for months or even years, which makes preserved flower gifts more memorable and eco-friendly. Also, due to its preservation process, preserved flowers are then able to retain their colours and allows for many flower types to choose from, which can cater to the taste of each unique individual. 

6 Christmas Gifting Ideas with Preserved Flowers 

1. Festive Centrepieces 

If you are looking to have Christmas parties and dinners over at your place, you will definitely need some holiday-themed decorations to spice up the festive mood! Consider getting preserved flower Christmas decor such as a preserved flower vase for your dinner table which sets the mood for the night! 

2. Personalised Ornaments

The Christmas season is often associated with love and thanksgiving, and while you might want to appreciate your significant other during this period, you can create one-of-a-kind keepsakes using preserved flowers to express your love! Moon Fleur’s preserved flower glass dome is a very popular choice as a keepsake to remind each other of the shared love. This Christmas, consider our Christmas themed preserved flower glass dome as a gift! 

If you enjoy giving a personalised gift, we want to introduce you to Moon Fleur’s Preserved Flower Glass Dome Workshop! Join us for a fun and engaging, hands-on session where our lead florist will be guiding you on your flower dome masterpiece! 

3. Customisable Preserved Flower Wreaths 

Other than centrepieces for your Christmas parties and dinners, consider customisable preserved flower Christmas wreaths to elevate the whole Christmas vibes in your home or workplace! As wreaths are notable ornaments for Christmas celebrations, we are sure that it is enough to welcome your friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones to your place during this festive season. 

4. Holiday-themed Preserved Flower Bouquet 

With the wide variety of preserved flower types and colours,  customise your unique preserved flower bouquet for your loved ones and significant other this Christmas with Christmas colours, making it a festive and unique gift! 

5. Corporate Gifting 

Impress your clients, colleagues, or partners with elegant preserved flower arrangements that convey warm holiday greetings! You may consider incorporating preserved flower arrangements in christmas or corporate colours with your corporate gift, to make the gift as impressionable during this festive period! 

6. Christmas Gift Sets 

Combine preserved flowers with other holiday treats like chocolate, scented candles, wines or even a cheese platter and make exceptional gift sets that are presentable and in season! 

Moon Fleur’s Christmas Collection 2023 -- "Moonlight Mistletoe"


This holiday season, add a touch of timeless elegance and sustainability to your Christmas gifts with preserved flowers. Whether it's for family, friends, or colleagues, these unique arrangements bring a touch of natural beauty to your celebrations. Share the joy of giving with preserved flowers, the gift that keeps on blooming.

Explore our collection and make your moments unforgettable. Shop now and experience the beauty of everlasting blooms! You may get in touch with us via email at hello@moonfleur.sg or check our collection over at Instagram @moonfleur.sg

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