Moon Fleur x Sonder & Two: You're My Sunshine Vase (Scented) x Essential Oil
Moon Fleur x Sonder & Two: You're My Sunshine Vase (Scented) x Essential Oil
Moon Fleur x Sonder & Two: You're My Sunshine Vase (Scented) x Essential Oil
Moon Fleur x Sonder & Two: You're My Sunshine Vase (Scented) x Essential Oil

Moon Fleur x Sonder & Two: You're My Sunshine Vase (Scented) x Essential Oil

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Backed by popular demand, we bring you once again a special Moon Fleur x Sonder & Two launch that would shine this Mothers' Day!

Every set comes with our You're My Sunshine Vase & one bottle of Essential Oil from Sonder & Two that would absolutely be a relaxing combination for your mommy and loved ones :)

Our You're My Sunshine Vase consists of two Sola flowers that can absorb essential oil and become a diffuser which can aid  relaxation after a long day. Research illustrates that people's mood improves 40% after being exposed to pleasant scents. Compared to our optic and auditory receptors, scent is received significantly faster to process, which brings the vase to be highly tempting and enchanting.

Share this beautiful vase with your partner to unwind their day pairing with a bottle of calming pure lavender scent or a bottle of floral essential oil blend - Petals of Luna that is only exclusively available on Moon Fleur.

Featured flowers: Preserved Pink Carnation, 1 Sola Daisy, 1 Off White Sola Wood Flowers, Preserved Hydrangeas, Dried Limonium, Dried Baby Breath, Dried Caspia, and many other preserved and dried foliage

Vase with flowers measurements approximately: 25cm (H) x 25cm (W) x 15cm (D)

Petals of Luna Essential Oil Blend - A symphony of sweet, floral notes, capturing the essence of unity and love. Feel the romance with a harmonious blend of soft geranium, soothing lavender, zesty bergamot and musky patchouli.

Pure Lavender Essential Oil - The scent of Lavender is known to be calming, relaxing and balancing, both physically and emotionally.

Drip 5 - 8 drops on the Sola flowers. Essential oils can only be dripped on the Sola flowers. Do not place it on the preserved and dried flowers for longevity of the flowers. Do not apply essential oil directly on skin.


More about Sonder & Two (

Sonder is the realization that everybody around you, even strangers, are living a life just as complex as yours. We created these little tributes to support your unique state of mind while on-the-go or when you’re at home. So take a moment to breathe in, breathe out. Let our products work their magic for your unique state of mind.  All about the 100% natural and completely free from all the nasty stuff.

Our preserved flowers are 100% real flowers that have gone through preservation process which will allow it to last from months to years with minimal care. 

Each arrangements are made only when orders are placed with each and every one of them delicately handcrafted with love. Hence, your actual arrangement may be slightly different from our product image due to the beauty of handmade craft.  Do allow around 1-2 cm +/- differences in dimensions.

There may also be slight colour difference due to different lighting conditions during photo taking of our pieces and phone / camera models.

Additionally, our flowers are subjected to seasonal availability, we will substitute with flowers that are of the same or more value. We will make sure that the end product will look beautiful still. :D

Check out our Care Tips page for more info on our flowers.

Kindly note that deliveries are complimentary for orders above $60. For orders below $60, delivery will be chargeable at $15. Self-collection can be arranged at no additional charges.

Thank you and we hope to bring you joy through our flowers :)